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    No GRRM Script for Season 6

    At the San Francisco premiere of Game of Thrones, Access Hollywood asked George R.R. Martin a few questions. The first? Whether he’d write a script for the sixth season… and the answer is, “No”:

    Note that this statement comes less than two weeks after GRRM commented on Livejournal that he was...

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    Deviations in “The Wars to Come”

    After our return from the London premiere, we managed to film this video discussing a particular aspect of the first episode: some significant deviations from the novels. Unfortunately, shortly after filming it we both became rather violently ill, so it’s taken awhile to actually get it edited...

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    A young Dothraki warrior, Rakharo is assigned as one of Daenerys Targaryen’s kas, her personal guard. He has drooping black mustachios, and is particularly skilled with the Dothraki curving blade called the arakh.

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    The Sons Of The Harpy
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