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    Arbor Gold, Dornish Red: Game of Thrones Wines Announced

    HBO’s just passed along word that they’ve entered into a collaboration with Vintage Wine Estates to create a selection of Game of Thrones wines including a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, and a red blend. (Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time there’s been wines produced with a A Song of Ice...

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    Finn Jones Behind the Scenes in Chicago

    We’ve a special feature today courtesy of a fan, Christine, who attended the Game of Thrones exhibit in Chicago the weekend before last (there’s one more coming to Los Angeles on December 9th and 10th), with a look at all the neat stuff HBO has put together in celebration of the release of the...

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    Maester Cressen

    The very aged maester who served Lord Steffon at Storm’s End, saw to the education of the Baratheon brothers, and followed Stannis when he was made Lord of Dragonstone. Of the three brothers, Cressen always loved Stannis best, and attempts to advise him even as others supplant him as Stannis’s most...

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    The Winds of Winter
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    Trailer 01: Screencap 20